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IntelliJet™ Printing Systems 

High-Volume Inserters 

Solutions for IntelliJet Printing Systems

Videk's portfolio of DocuVision 8600 IJ systems are modular, purpose-built solutions designed specifically for use with BlueCrests' IntelliJet Printing Systems. All deliver real-time variable content verification and image data management - combining high-resolution vision system, powerful image analysis software, robust data management utilities, and an easy to use operator interface.

  • Automated variable content verification:
    • 1D, 2D and Postal barcode reading, and quality verification
    • OCR reading and quality reading, including MICR
    • Front-to-back matching
    • Missing or duplicate image detection and tracking
  • Intuitive web viewing tools - provides detailed full-page view-ability with image pausing, pan and zoom functions
  • Robust production reporting utility - enables piece-level accountability of variable information & increases digital workflow knowledge
  • Informative, highly visible error alerts - including alarm light illumination and on-screen operator notifications 
Download the DocuVision 8600 IJ series brochure

DocuVision 8600 IJ2 System

  • Built specifically for integration with the IntelliJet 20
  • Full 20" web width scanning, supporting 2-up A-size applications
  • Option of monochrome or full-color operator web viewing
  • Supports web speeds up to 400 fpm (122 mpm) 

DocuVision 8600 IJ3 System

  • Built specifically for integration with the IntelliJet 30
  • Full 30" web width scanning supporting 3-up A-size applications
  • Supports web speeds up to 600 fpm (183 mpm)

DocuVision 8600 IJ4 System

  • Built specifically for integration with the new IntelliJet 42
  • Full 42" web width scanning supporting 4-up A-size applications
  • Supports web speeds up to 600 fpm (183 mpm)

Solutions for High-Volume Inserters

High-Productivity DocuVision® Line Scan Systems
BlueCrest customers benefit from Videk's DocuVision full-page line scan technology, fully integrated on input systems for BlueCrest high-volume inserters - enabling fast, efficient and highly versatile input scanning. 

  • Directly integrated with BlueCrests' Direct Connect, enabling scanning functions to be programmed automatically as modes are set. 
  • 1D, 2D and OCR reading for piece ID 
  • Seamless job changeover, with no need to adjust cameras - eliminating potential set-up errors and maximizing productivity in highly variable production environments
Download the Videk Line Scan Systems for BlueCrest Inserters Data Sheet

DocuVision® Color Output Scanning Systems
For white envelope in / color marketing out applications, Videk's DocuVision color print verification technology can be applied to output scanning applications.
  • Ensuring color quality and variable data integrity of every finished mailpiece.
  • Inspect for masking of address information
  • Verify mailpiece output sequencing 

InserterVision™ Area Array Scanning Systems
For standard inserter applications where document layouts are standardized, and there is little or no requirement for changing camera placements to accomodate new formats, Videk's InserterVision systems provide high-performance scanning of all common symbologies - 1D, 2D and OCR.

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