Find the right Videk solution by selecting your Kodak print platform: 

Prosper 1000 and 5000XL 

Versamark VL-Series & VT3000 

Digimaster EX Series 

PROSPER 1000 and 5000XL Presses

DocuVision 8600 Image Quality Monitoring System (IQMS)

The Image Quality Monitoring System (IQMS) is an integrated quality assurance tool on Kodak’s Prosper 1000 and 5000XL presses.  Combining an in-press vision system with powerful image analysis software and an easy to use operator interface, the IQMS provides continual automated print quality inspection throughout every job, and alerts users to infrequent inkjet error conditions that would potentially go undetected and could jeopardize output quality.

As a result, printers and publishers capitalizing on the Prosper’s quality and productivity are further empowered to reduce unnecessary waste and expense while ensuring that all output sent to finishing meets their uncompromising standards for offset class production.

  • Seamlessly integrated system - completely integrated into the press footprint
  • Turnkey, pre-configured inspection applications for automated jet-level streaker and void detection in full color or monochrome
  • On-screen inspection of images during production
  • Informative, highly-visible error alerts
  • Alarm bar illumination

VERSAMARK VL-Series and VT3000

DocuVision 8600 VL Color Print Inspection System

The DocuVision 8600 VL is a real-time print quality, variable content verification and image data management system for the Kodak Versamark VT3000 and VL-Series of high-speed color inkjet printing systems. The system combines a full color vision platform, powerful image analysis software, robust data management utilities, and an easy to use operator interface to deliver advanced automated image inspections and operator visibility to web production.

  • Real-time, automated variable content verification of every image for mission-critical data-driven applications to assure accuracy, security and process-ability
  • Robust production reporting utility for piece-level accountability of variable information, and connectivity to ADF systems enhanced digital workflow knowledge
  • Intuitive operator web viewing tools - multi-function operator interface provides full-page document view-ability, with pan, zoom and image rewind functions
  • Print job flexibility – configurable for simplex or duplex scanning, with full web width coverage
  • Informative, highly visible error alerts including alarm light illumination and on-screen operator notification

Download the DocuVision 8600 VL Data Sheet 

Digimaster EX Systems

DocuVision 5000 Series Cut-Sheet Production Integrity System

Integrated directly within the Digimaster EX system, Videk's DocuVision 5000 Series provides a powerful combination of full-page scanning, with extensive data collection and production reporting functionality - all with no change in printer footprint. The result is the ability to prevent unnecessary waste or corrupt documents from making their way to finishing, while providing total job auditing to streamline re-print procedures, ease compliance with internal or external regulatory requirements, and automate total job reconciliation processes.

Primary applications include:

  • Forms verification & orientation assurance - validation of correct pre-printed form type and orientation, with the ability to stop production and alert the operator upon detection of a mis-match, eliminating wasted time and resources
  • Sequence monitoring - ensuring the sequence of printed images, such as check numbers or booklet pages, corresponds with the intended page sequence for the job 
  • Production audit reporting - scanning and collecting image data including 1D and 2D bar codes, MICR and OCR during the print run to create detailed digital job reports 


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Image Quality Monitoring 
System for Prosper Press
  • Fully integrated vision system
  • Turnkey, pre-configured image quality inspections
  • Full-color operator web viewing during production
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