The accountability for timely, accurate and secure delivery of customer-critical communications - whether it’s personal health history, or claimant reimbursement payments – resides with your document services teams. Meanwhile, industry mandates and internal audit programs drive compliance requirements that need to be met with every page of each print job. What’s more, teams are increasingly responsible for managing more variable data content, higher production speeds and the complexities of emerging commercial high-speed color inkjet print systems.

Every day, Videk partners with leading insurance organizations to tackle barriers to customer service and operational excellence by applying real-time intelligent vision inspection & data management technology to overcoming quality, productivity, and efficiency hurdles in applications ranging from claims check and explanation of benefit (EOB) printing, to customized benefit booklet production.
The result is that document services teams are empowered to:

  • Automate data reconciliation procedures to meet company and regulatory audits with ease
  • Assure the data security of every document produced & eliminate the potential for privacy incidents
  • Reduce manual labor while increasing overall integrity assurance
  • Eliminate sources of costly waste in time and resources
  • Meet uncompromising standards of zero-defect document quality
Top Applications:
  • Production Reporting & Auditing - detailed analytics for proof of work, job accounting and regulatory compliance  
  • Forms Verification - automated per-page assurance of correct form usage for the job
  • MICR and Barcode Verification - ensuring seamless, accurate processing and check negotiability
  • Front-to-Back Matching - assurance of sensitive data security
  • Custom Booklet Assembly Integrity - monitoring page-level production accuracy of individualized booklets
  • Print Quality Inspection - detecting common corruptions including streaks, voids and registration errors
  • Color Quality Monitoring - inspecting each page to ensure critical color quality and brand standards are met
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Case Studies: 

Farmers Insurance Group Closes the Loop on Check Production Accuracy

A Top-100 Insurance provider depends on Videk to monitor output when moving from cut-sheet to continuous roll-to-roll production.

Solution Spotlight: 

DocuVision 5000 Cut Sheet Production Integrity System
  • Full page scanning
  • Comprehensive variable data inspection, including MICR 
  • Robust production reporting