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Videk scanners are protecting election integrity

Monday, October 26, 2020


Videk Scanners are working to protect election integrity

Videk hand held barcode readers being supplied to multiple state and county election officials


Fairport, NY— 10/19/2020

Processing Vote-by-Mail Ballots

Videk VisionSensors™ VS2010-FT are easy-to-use, handheld scanners that read, and store the Fluorescent ID Tags (S18c) content, so that State Election Boards can ensure that every mail-in ballot is dated, tracked and counted. These scanners are manufactured and sourced exclusively in Upstate New York.

“For over 30 years, Videk has developed a portfolio of solutions for the mail and security printing industry,” said Tom Slechta, President, and CEO, Videk. “We are extremely pleased to play a critical role in vote-by-mail ballot integrity. As we approach the presidential election, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for our scanners.”

One Voter Services Manager for their Secretary of State’s Elections office, says “We purchased Videk’s VS2010-FT scanners for all of our county elections officials to read the S18c postal codes. Because we are a “Postmark State,” we are required to have a backup protocol if the postmark is missing or illegible.”

Videk is selling these scanners nationwide to state and county officials who will use them to read a fluorescent mark printed on mail-in ballot envelopes.  Each fluorescent barcode includes a date-stamp data, so that Election Boards can verify the date mail-in ballots are received even if the postmark is missing or is not legible.

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