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Videk and Océ Show Real-Time Color Inspection

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Videk and Océ Demonstrate Real-Time Print Quality and Data Integrity Inspection for TransPromo and High-Volume Transactional Applications
Technology Enables Variable Data Accountability and Document Quality Assurance for Every Page Produced
Birmingham, United Kingdom (IPEX 2010, Océ Stand 12-B150) – May 19, 2010 – Videk, a leading global provider of advanced real-time document integrity assurance systems, has teamed with Océ to demonstrate the latest inspection technology for high-speed color inkjet print systems at IPEX 2010. Océ’s Color Print Inspection System, powered by Videk’s DocuVision™ 8600 Color Print Verification platform, enables real-time inspection of print quality and variable data on every page produced - for more effective and efficient management of document output integrity.
Integrated into Oce’s JetStreamÒ 1000 ultra-high-speed color inkjet digital printing system with roll-to-roll paper feed, the Océ Color Print Inspection System will inspect the full page of every document prior to entering the re-winder. As a result, the system provides critical knowledge of total roll integrity, and empowers customers to maintain the highest levels of output quality and data accountability in their transactional and TransPromo documents – all while capitalizing on the speed and robust capabilities of the Océ JetStream 1000. Co-functioning inspection applications will include:
  • Color quality assurance – inspecting assets such as logos and matching to trained target colors, ensuring corporate colors are maintained
  • Color registration measurement – assessing thickness and alignment of CMYK planes within printed artifacts to ensure continual registration accuracy
  • Streak detection – full-page inspection, including within text populated areas, for streaking that can result from jet-stuck-on malfunctions
  • Data Matrix barcode reading and verification – to ensure data integrity and efficient inserter processing of documents
“As enterprises invest in the latest high-speed inkjet systems to enable advanced, high-value document communications strategies, they must be prepared to ensure output excellence at an entirely new pace and scope.” said Tom Slechta, president and CEO of Videk. “In applications where potentially every document is unique, relying on manual inspection is simply not effective. We are empowering print service providers to assure the quality and document integrity that is mission-critical to success in today’s and tomorrow’s TransPromo applications.”
MICR inspection, alphanumeric text recognition, and page registration measurement round out the Océ Color Print Inspection System’s extensive suite of data and quality management capabilities. The system provides interoperability with the Océ Production Tracking System’s Track &Trace platform, which collects, stores and centrally reports information ranging from print quality results to variable data audits. Local, system-level data collection and reporting is available through Videk’s RECON Manager utility.
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About Videk
Videk delivers vision-based print verification systems, inserter input / output scanning systems, data management software and operational consulting for print, mail and high volume transactional output (HVTO) applications - empowering organizations to achieve quality excellence, enhance productivity and be more environmentally friendly.  Through close partnerships with leading manufacturers in the print and post-production industry, Videk develops systems that are interoperable with all major platforms and provide a superior investment lifecycle. Additional information about Videk is available at
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