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Videk launches "Golden Image” bitmap matching

Monday, April 30, 2012

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FAIRPORT, NY – April 30, 2012 – Videk, a leading provider of vision-based document integrity assurance systems today announced a “Golden Image” print verification system that will detect process-based artifacts as small as seven one thousands of an inch deviation (.007”) from the original digital print file.

The full-page verification solution provides 100 percent print quality inspection and proof of print reporting for every page. Placed downstream from a high-speed digital web press, it is fully integrated with the printer controller in order to receive the digital reference or “Golden Image” used for comparison.

Errors are detected real time, and inspection results are collected for closed loop reprint operations. The solution also incorporates Videk’s “Image Archival” tool providing visual reference and identification of the physical defective page for removal, and for subsequent retrieval for later visual analysis.

The state-of-the-art inspection operations are made possible by Videk’s new “Fusion” platform, taking advantage of its Scalable Mass Parallel Processing Architecture (F-SMPP). Every square mm of a 20 by 40 inch print impression is scrutinized for artifacts as small as 7/1000 of an inch. This assures that spurious particles or missing toner/ink will not inadvertently alter the meaning of the textual content- especially important in pharmaceutical labeling where the smallest of print errors can produce adverse consequences and costs.

“Although this is a highly complex and challenging inspection operation, it has been encapsulated in a manner where there is little to no operator intervention or setup” says Jim Reda, vice president and chief technology officer at Videk.

The design goal is to provide the user with an easy-to-use ‘what you asked for’ (the Golden Image) is ‘what you get’ solution. With pharmaceutical companies now subject to intense quality controls as a result of industry mandates and compliance requirements, this solution streamlines the QC process while greatly reducing manual inspection costs and product waste.”

About Videk
Videk is a leading global provider of vision-based print verification systems, inserter input and output scanning systems, and data management software. Our focus is on empowering zero defect production for organizations with mission-critical document communications programs - enabling print service providers to increase productivity, reduce manual labor, assure security and regulatory compliance and reduce waste. Additional information about Videk is available at

“Inspect on Demand”™ is a trademark of Videk Inc.

US Patent #6678067 protects Videk’s “Automated Document Inspection System” technology


Christine P. Thomas, Director of Marketing
Videk, Inc.


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