Case Studies

Maintaining 100% Accountablility for Every Check Printed  

Customer:         Farmers® Insurance Group
Requirement:         Eliminate manual reconciliation procedures functions & achieve total accountability of production output     
Solution: Real-time capture and management of production data for job auditing and reporting 

Closing the Loop on Personalized Booklet Assmbly  

Customer: Print Service Provider for a Fortune-100 Financial Company
Requirement: 100% Verification of Personalized Financial Portfolios
Solution: A closed-loop Quality assurance system for zero-defect booklets

Customer Eliminates Manual QC Processes with Prime Page Automation

Customer: Large Commercial Printer of Direct Mail
Requirement: Eliminate manual QC processes to improve printer up time
Solution: Automate DV Pro + Prime Page gives you greater printer productivity and more precise results.

Videk Instills Peace of Mind for U.S. Government Check Production  

Customer: U.S. Treasury
Requirement: Read & verifiy unique data on U.S.  Government checks                          
Solution: Zero-defect quality and integrity assurance of every check leaving each facility

IWCO Maximizes Productivity by Partnering with Canon Solutions America & Videk  

Customer:         IWCO Direct

Requirement:  Automate QC procedures to maximize printer investment

Solution:         DocuVision Prime's "Prime Page" utilizes specific patterns to monitor printer health

Government Printer uses DocuVision Edge to secure check production 

Customer:        US Government Check Printing Facility 

Requirement:     Use cameras and automation to account for all checks printeed to reduce fraud/theft

Solution:       New in-line inspection system provides independant verification and audit system.

Videk Secures Personal Data for Service Bureau Following $14M Class-Action Lawsuit

Customer:      Large Service Bureau

Requirement:  Establish steps to ensure both the print and mail processes secure both the data and the manufacturing operations

Solution:        Secure 14 inserter lines to verify the correct envelope has been used for each mailing