The Business-Critical Nature of Automated Document Inspection Technology

With the new capabilities afforded by high-speed inkjet –namely speed, color and job variability– also come increased risks to the quality and data integrity of output.  This whitepaper explores the hurdles to document quality and data integrity, as well as how to address them using state-of-the-art vision inspection technology.    Download it Now

Inspection Processes

This whitepaper is intended to provide insight to the steps taken in the inspection process - describing the process of capturing, transferring, processing, and analyzing an image, as well as transmission of image analysis results.  Click Here to Request Your Copy 

Data Matrix Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides a technical summary of how Videk's DocuVision performs decoding of Data Matrix codes in high-speed, real-time applications.  Click Here to Request Your Copy

Real-Time OCR Applications

This whitepaper provides a technical summary of Videk's DocuVision System performance in applications that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR).    Click Here to Request Your Copy