IM Verifier System (IVS)

The Videk IM Verifier System (IVS) is an in-line quality control tool that evaluates Postnet and Intelligent Mail® barcodes (IMB) as they are printed to ensure Postal standards are met. The IVS assesses: 
  • Bar Height 
  • Bar Width 
  • Bar Spacing 
  • Clear Zone 
  • Check Digit 
  • Decodeability 

Benefits of using the IVS include:

  • The ability to confidently run printers at a lower resolution, yielding ink consumption savings of up to 40%. 
  • Increased productivity by eliminating manual check procedures 
  • Early warning of potential errors that would result in delays or costly fines 

Currently deployed at every USPS processing center to inspect the quality of 4-State codes on flats, as well as multiple private sector print and mail facilities across the US, the IVS is a field proven solution for your Postnet and Intelligent Mail® barcode verification requirements.

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