Mailing and Finishing

Videk vision systems are available for a variety of finishing, mailing and specialty reading applications. Select the use-case that best matches your requirements to learn more.

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Input Scanning for Intelligent Finishing Equipment 

Output Scanning - White Envelope Color InkJetting & Variable Messaging Integrity 

Output Scanning - On-the-Fly 4-State Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMB) Verification 

Read and Print - Automated Inkjet Addressing 

Card-to-Carrier Assembly Matching 

Input Scanning for Intelligent Finishing Equipment

Videk InserterVision™ systems can be cost-effectively installed on the in-feed of inserters, booklet makers, binders or any number of other intelligent finishing devices. With the ability to read virtually all data carriers, including OMR, 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes and OCR fonts, customers get a simple and flexible solution that can interface with the finishing device's controller.

Documents are then tracked throughout the finishing process to ensure document integrity and proper collation of materials.

Output Scanning - White Envelope Color Inkjetting and Variable Messaging Integrity

The ability to apply full-color, personalized messages to the outside of white envelopes during the mailing process greatly enhances the value of each mail-piece. But poor quality or inaccurate personalizations can result in a tremendous loss of value. Videk systems can be integrated with color inkjetting stations to monitor:

  • Color quality - ensuring brand standards are met with each mailpiece
  • Inkjet function - with the ability to detect streaks (jet-ons) or voids (jet-offs)
  • Variable data - reading barcodes, postal codes or characters to ensure personalization accuracy

Output Scanning - On-the-Fly 4-State Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Verification

Videk offers systems for in-line, real-time monitoring of IMB quality to near-MERLIN specifications. Using highly specialized software tools, Videk technology can dynamically accommodate  for differences in envelope widths without the need for in-process mechanical adjustments. The result is that every mail-piece is assessed on-the-fly, limiting the cost and delay liabilities of failure to meet USPS® requirements.

Read and Print - Automated Inkjet Addressing

Eliminate the need for window envelopes by controlling in-line inkjet printing systems with Videk's InserterVision system on-the-fly. Using a unique number or code on a document, InserterVision can capture and communicate scanned information, using this data as a "look-up" number for the ink jet controller's database. Look-up data is sent to the controller, and after insertion is complete, the envelope is jetted with the address information corresponding to the data packet recipient - integrity is guaranteed because the envelope is printed based on the information from the insert.  

Card-to-Carrier Assembly Matching

Verify the correct assembly of personalized cards to carrier documents. The Videk system is setup with one camera view of the carrier and with another camera view of the card. The vision system reads a unique identifier from each camera's image and assures that the identifiers match. The match can be delayed for a user-defined number of assembly machine cycles if required. It can also be a match between a human readable identifier, like the account number on the card, and a 1D or 2D code on the carrier document. 



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