Production Auditing and Reporting

Videk’s RECON Manager data collection and reporting utility helps organizations close the loop on their print quality and integrity assurance programs by turning raw inspection data into workflow knowledge and manageable operational intelligence. 

RECON Manager interoperates with Videk’s DocuVision 8000 Series Print Verification Systems for continuous forms printing as well as the DocuVision 5000 Series for cut-sheet production integrity.

The RECON Manager system:

  • Compiles all data on inspections performed by the DocuVision System
  • Generates production reports based on customer-specified requirements
  • Allows networked access - on-site, remote or mobile - to production information
  • Serves as a gateway for inspection data to be communicated to higher-level IS or ADF systems

Common reporting applications include:

  • Image sequence reporting & identification of missing or duplicate documents
  • Accounting audits – tallying total amounts of check print jobs & comparing to intended production totals
  • Print quality results and trends – tracking criteria including color quality tolerances, streak or void detection, and barcode quality results
  • Manufacture results – tracking personalized booklet or transactional statement assembly processes to ensure packet integrity and security.

Up to eight (8) DocuVision systems are supported through a single RECON manager utility, enabling consolidation of reporting from multiple print lines into a single access point.

RECON Manager provides a valuable tool for organizations needing to address compliance mandates, provide proof of work reporting, ensure a production audit trail or create more efficient processes for error correction. 


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