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Videk DocuVision Pro solution is an independent—but fully integrated—integrity system 
for inkjet and toner printers. It delivers unsurpassed document verification and security.


In any printing environment, errors can happen. The entire process—from document composition to loading the incorrect stock, to the occasional print quality error compounded by an unreliable inspection protocol—leaves the operation at risk, especially when printing money. 

Banking & Finance

DocuVision Pro uses 
full-page imaging to look at every document throughout production. 

Utilizing proprietary software, the document is analyzed for critical information, including:

  • Check numbers

  • Account numbers

  • Barcodes

  • MICR lines

If an error is detected, the 
system goes into action:

  • The operator is notified through an on-screen message

  • A machine light is illuminated

  • The errant document is diverted to the reject bin

  • The printer comes to a controlled stop

Data about the entire run is tracked, recorded and saved 
in an independent database:

  • Generate audit, security, or reference reports

  • Summarize check runs and alert for out of sequence or error conditions

Videk's vision-based inspection technology results in 100% accountability of all checks printed.

Financial communications are customer-critical items that provide high-value transactional, transpromo, and one-to-one communications. It is essential to maintain accountability over the quality and data integrity of every page produced, while also creating efficiencies wherever possible to ensure that your competitive edge grows while costs shrink.

Every day, Videk helps major financial institutions by implementing real-time inspection & data management technology to overcome quality, productivity, and efficiency hurdles in applications ranging from high-volume credit card statement printing to personalized booklet production.


Videk customers significantly reduce manual labor costs while increasing overall integrity assurance

  • Eliminate sources of costly waste in time and resources

  • Ensure document processability & negotiability throughout  mailing, finishing, and transactional environments

  • Assure the data security of every document produced & eliminate the potential for privacy incidents

  • Meet customers’ uncompromising standards of document quality – including full-color quality assurance

Top Applications:

  • Print Quality Inspection - detecting common corruptions including streaks, voids, and registration errors

  • Color Quality Monitoring - inspecting each page to ensure critical color quality and brand standards are met

  • MICR and Barcode Verification - verification of optical readability to ensure seamless, accurate processing

  • Front-to-Back Matching - assurance of sensitive data security

  • Custom Booklet Assembly Integrity - monitoring page-level production of individualized booklets

  • Forms Verification - automated per-page assurance of correct form usage for the job

  • Production Reporting - detailed analytics for proof of work, job accounting and regulatory compliance 

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