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Direct Marketing

For direct marketers, the days of "spray and pray" production are over. Today's data-driven digital printing environments enable high-value one-to-one communications. But assuring the quality and accuracy of your production becomes vitally important to achieving the highest Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) - especially when corrupted personalizations, poor quality, or delays in getting to the mailstream can strip the value from even the most well planned and creative campaigns.


Videk is working with direct marketing service providers and the leaders in high-speed color inkjet printing technology to help ensure every mailpiece, in every campaign is on-time, on-target and maintains the brand quality standards that marketers demand - and customers expect.

Benefits include:

  • Automated assurance of one-to-one messaging integrity for every piece

  • Brand asset quality monitoring, including colors and logos

  • Ensured processability of offer items including coupons, gift cards and offer codes - eliminating lost promotional opportunities

  • Assured compliance with postal barcoding requirements to avoid incremental cost and processing delays

  • Reduced manual labor with increased overall quality and integrity assurance

Top Applications:

  • Print Quality Inspection - detecting common corruptions including streaks, voids and registration errors

  • Color Quality Monitoring - inspecting each page to ensure critical color quality and brand standards are met

  • Optical Character and Barcode Verification - verification of optical readability to ensure seamless, accurate processing

  • Variable Data Integrity Checking - inspecting and comparing personalized information to ensure one-to-one accuracy at the mail-piece level

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