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Video Camera Lens

Working with the industry leaders in print, finishing and mailing technology, Videk offers end-to-end automated vision inspection solutions from white paper inspection through printing and finishing to insertion and mailing.


With thousands of vision inspection solutions worldwide, we are number one in market deployment and we have developed end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Our integrated solutions are vital to customers across a range of markets where there is a common need for assurance of mission-critical quality and data integrity standards, including: Print Service Providers, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Book Publishing, Government and Direct Marketing.

Best-in-class optics & imaging

Videk offers a powerful combination of full-page scanning with high-resolution optics and our proprietary, industry-leading software for extensive data collection and production reporting functionality.

Embedded Camera System

  • Exceptional for production facilities with little floor space

  • Videk CIS are integrated inside each engine

  • Eliminates the need for a web handling device

  • Monitor can be located above print engine operator stations, providing an ideal interface point for live viewing and inspection monitoring

Web Inspection Stand (WIS)

  • Designed for superior web dynamics and imaging

  • No additional time is required for integration

Proprietary, industry-leading software

Videk User Interface is user-friendly and easy for operators to master with minimal training.

  • Allows vision inspection to be completely automated – remove operator errors AND need to rely on manual inspections

  • DocuVision® Pro includes a full set of reading and processing tools to verify the integrity of each document, in real-time 

  • Proprietary Videk algorithms power inspection

  • Updated and monitored for continuous improvement

  • Monthly security patches ensure the highest level of protection.

Scalable, Robust Tool Set

Assess quality during printing, without ever stopping the press - ensuring premium inkjet output on all media

  • Automated Inspection: Starting with a simple live web view of the print run and building all the way to an advanced pixel-level inspection of every page

  • Stable: Built on the same, smart, easy-to-use software platform

  • Scalable: Easy to upgrade, built for growth

  • Flexible: Customizable to address customers’ needs

  • Advanced: Best data integrity and print quality inspection tools available today

Print Quality Assurance

Videk Automated Vision Inspection systems are industry-proven tools that provide operators the assurance that every page is being monitored for critical quality and data integrity criteria. If an error is detected, the system can alert the operator, or stop the printer to prevent unnecessary waste, compromised data security, or sub-standard product from leaving your facility.

Highest quality, most accurate & most cost-effective document communications:

  • Reduce manual labor while increasing overall integrity assurance

  • Eliminate sources of costly waste in time and resources

  • Ensure document processability & negotiability throughout mailing, finishing, and transactional environments

  • Assure the data security of every document produced

  • Eliminate the potential for privacy incidents

  • And, ultimately, ensure an uncompromising standard of document quality – including full-color quality assurance

Automated Pixel-Level/Bit-Level Inspection

Videk pioneered and was first to market with breakthrough technology allowing intelligent pixel-to-pixel inspection of an intended document to the printed document

  • First installed in 2012, Pixel Perfect is field-proven

  • SRa direct communication with printers

  • Advanced software allows Pixel Perfect to be completely automated: remove operator errors AND need to rely on manual inspections

  • Easy to use, easy to set up, “one button” start

Protect PI and Ensure Data Integrity

Check Integrity & Reconciliation

Due to Healthcare industry regulations (HIPAA) a method for tracking documents is extremely critical.

With the implementation of the Videk solution, customers are now able to:

  • automate their print quality tasks (reduce labor)

  • produce check reconciliation reports

  • maximize downstream inserter processes

  • provide proof-of-print to satisfy industry regulations.

Automated Inspection for cutsheet and roll-to-roll presses.

Videk offers 100% independent quality assurance at the source without slowing down printer up-time & efficiency.

  • Read Check Num (OCR)

  • Read Check Amount (OCR)

  • Inspect MICR line (OCR)

  • Read Payee name (OCR)

  • Archive every check page

  • Perforation Inspection

  • Audit Trail for Personal Data and Document Images

Print Quality Inspection

Detect common corruptions including streaks, voids, and registration errors.

Color Quality Monitoring

Inspect each page to ensure critical color quality and brand standards are met.

MICR and Barcode Verification

Verify optical readability to ensure seamless, accurate processing.

Custom Booklet Assembly Integrity

Monitor page-level production of individualized booklets.

Production Reporting

Detailed analytics for proof of work, job accounting, and regulatory compliance.

Front-to-Back Matching

Assure of sensitive data security.

Forms Verification

Automated, per-page assurance of correct form usage for the job.

Excellence in security protocols

Videk customers require the highest level of security for their critical applications, including multiple government agencies.

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