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US-BASED team of experienced VIDEK Applications & Service Engineers

  • Nationwide team of VIDEK engineers to service and support vision systems

  • 100% in-house service team of Vision Experts

  • Supported by in-house software development and hardware engineering team


Best in Breed Service Team for Customer Development, Customer-driven R&D, Operator & Service Training and Repair services

With a comprehensive range of services, Team Videk ensures that your production systems stay up and running.


As always, our team of CTS Engineers strives to make sure that your goals are not just met, but exceeded. We work closely with our clients to find the right plans that are seamlessly integrated, effective and sustainable for many years to come. Reach out today to see how we can help.

Systems Integration

Videk is ideally positioned as a Systems Integrator for highly complex, print manufacturing projects.  Videk has the experience, knowledge, and specialization required to bring together all the component subsystems into a unified whole to ensure they all function together.


Vision is the common link in providing end-to-end secure printing, and Videk uniquely has the expertise to combine partner approaches to result in one integrated solution.  We partner with all print vendors to incorporate with their platforms.


We integrate with our partners and customers using our world-class Support Program, a trusted, proven approach for reliable pre-installation planning, installation and implementation, and post-installation application onboarding. Key elements of the program are workflow optimization, project management, service, and support. 

Reliability / Stability

With over 35 years of experience in automated vision solutions, our customers know and trust Videk solutions and the Videk Team to work with them to maintain and evolve as their needs change and grow. Videk is built to handle project enhancements and upgrades. Our goal is to partner together long-term to meet future needs.

Handshake in the Office

“In addition to the tremendous operational improvements this has afforded us, we’ve added an enhanced layer of quality assurance to our claims processing operations, helping ensure that payments are accurate, complete and met without delay. A service that’s so important to our customers who are dealing with what is many times a life-disrupting event.”

Industry Position

Videk has a reputation for partnership. Our interactions do not end when we ship our products. We have built long-term relationships, spanning decades with customers and our supplier partners.  Because Vision is required for many different applications and purposes, we are often an independent supplier and have strong working partnerships with both Print and Finishing equipment manufacturers. We sell through our Printer Partners, Inserter Manufacturer (OEM) Partners, as well as directly to our customer base. We can provide fair and unbiased project management from discovery and needs assessment to equipment installation to on-going, long-term managed services.

We are number one in market deployment and we have developed industry-leading end-to-end manufacturing solutions. Our integrated solutions are vital to customers across a range of markets where there is a common need for assurance of mission-critical quality and data integrity standards, including: Print Service Providers, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Book Publishing, Government and Direct Marketing.

What Clients Say: Government Agency

“On behalf of our agency, I would like to personally thank you (and your team) for the continuous efforts and support, which allow our agency to properly service the American public.  You have an extremely intelligent and gifted group of individuals at Videk.” 
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