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Because every Ballot needs to be counted and authenticated.


Automating QC is critical, especially with the increase in the print volume & complexity of absentee ballots

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Videk is the Industry Leader for Proven Print Quality Solutions for Election Ballots

  • Ensure 100% ballot print quality inspection

  • Ballot inspections systems in operation NOW

  • Become a market leader with 100% ballot integrity

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When printing elections ballots in a roll-to-roll environment, small mistakes can have huge consequences.

Head strikes, voids, streaks, and paper flaws cause large amounts of waste.

  • Check for printer failures (jet-outs)

  • Check density of timing marks

  • Look for errant / missing ink on ballots

  • Store failed images for further analysis & audits

  • Provide ballot authenticity and validation

Learn more about 
how Pixel Perfect can help ensure that every ballot is readable and counted!

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