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DocuVision    Edge

Automated Data Integrity and full-page print quality inspections

Ensure piece-level accountability on every run

Each page you deliver needs to present personal data in a complete, correct way – including on-brand color. DocuVision® Edge systems replace manual, time-consuming human inspection processes with powerful, productivity-driving automation so you
can meet each of your SLAs with confidence.



Guarantee secure, accurate output
on each check run.

Robust in-line inspection and verification tools
analyze each page to:

  • Detect duplicate or missing checks across a run and validate each MICR line

  • Generate sharable end-of-job reports that document errors and job details


Enhance compliance on each run.

Meet regulatory requirements and ensure personal information stays protected:

  • Inspect each printed page with contact image sensor(s)

  • Ensure all pieces are accounted for with document tracking

  • Verify legacy pre-printed shells


Deliver on-brand color, on-time.

Compare each printed color to a pre-defined, ideal "Golden Image" to
ensure brand integrity is maintained:

  • Support the outstanding print quality of the highspeed inkjet and toner presses

  • Confirm the color correctness of each client logo

“We do not run without the Videk
system in place because now, as our printing process is secure, we have the proof of data to back us up, and in the end, we can all sleep better at night. The new functionality of auto-divert and reprint afforded by the total solution provides an additional layer of protection. It's the ultimate in high quality, secure check printing..”


Scan Mode

  • Simplex (either face-up or face-down can be selected at installation)

  • Duplex

Image Resolution

  • Cross Process Direction: 300 dpi

  • Process Direction: 300 dpi

Viewing Area

  • Cross-Process Direction: 13.8”

  • Page Length: Up to 20”

Printer Speed*

  • Max Speed: Up to 256 fpm
    *Imaging speed captures images at all printer speeds.


Front / Back Matching (Duplex Only)

  • Personal data integrity

  • Registration integrity

Color Monitoring

  • Validate / assure brand color

2D Bar Code (Data Matrix) Capabilities

  • Code Types: DataMatrix ECC200, QR Versions 1 - 4

  • Minimum Cell Size: 0.014 inches square

  • Quality Measurement: Score based on contrast, squareness and number of errors corrected during decoding

1D Bar Code Capabilities

  • Code Types: Code 25 (Interleaved or Non-Interleaved 2 of 5), Code 39, Code 128, UPCA, EAN8, EAN13

  • Minimum Element Width (Smallest bar or space width): 0.014 Inches

  • Quality Measurement: Quality score based on percentage of barcode which is decodable

Postal Code Capabilities

  • Readable Code Types:

    • USPS: Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), UPU ID Tag; Australia Post

  • IMB Quality Measurements: Bar height, bar width, bar spacing, clear zone and check digit

OCR Capabilities

  • Capable of reading 6pt OCRb, other fonts must be lab-evaluated to determine minimum size

  • Quality Measurement: Quality score based on similarity of character to pre-trained sample

  • Print Registration

  • Orientation: Vertical and/or Horizontal

  • Accuracy: 0.007 inches

  • Reference: Any pre-printed mark, character, graphic or sheet edge

System Outputs

  • Integrated Camera Mounting Unit (ICMU) requires version 2.3 or later

  • Printer Interfaces: Copy Control Interface (CCI), requires latest printer firmware

  • Communications Outputs:

    • RS-232 Serial Output or UDP via Gigabit Ethernet

    • Videk Real-Time Connectivity Architecture  (RTCA) via Gigabit Ethernet

Power Requirements

  • 120 VAC, 10A, or 220VAC, 5A

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating Temperature: 40 to 95 Degrees F (4 to 35 Degrees C)

  • Humidity: 30 to 70 percent RH

Physical Size

  • Vision components are enclosed within the Canon-supplied Integrated

  • Camera Mounting Unit (ICMU); adds 12" to printer length

  • Electronics Cabinet (Vision Caddie, shown below) requires 2' x 2' square
    on the backside of the printer Videk_


Videk high resolution contact image sensors integrate seamlessly with the press.


Videk high-resolution cameras capture data and images to provide a powerful combination of full-page scanning, with extensive data collection and production reporting functionality 


Videk Vision Caddie, depending on printer system confirguration

Learn more about 
DocuVision® Edge systems replace manual, time-consuming human inspection processes with powerful, productivity-driving automation so you can meet each of your SLA's with confidence. Intelligent quality control, check after check.

See DocuVision Edge in action!
Contact us today to set-up a demo to see how automated inspection systems will fit in your production line.


What Clients Say: Government Agency

“On behalf of our agency, I would like to personally thank you (and your team) for the continuous efforts and support, which allow our agency to properly service the American public.  You have an extremely intelligent and gifted group of individuals at Videk.” 
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