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 Videk Automated Quality  Assurance Stands (AQAS™) help ensure that printers are running at optimal levels, without relying on expensive, time-consuming and unreliable manual inspections.

Critical for high volume, on-demand printing operations, including book printing.

Affordable, automated printer quality assurance.

High-volume print production requires high-quality printing.

Videk's Automated Quality Assurance Stand (AQAS) helps ensure that printers are running at optimal levels, without relying on expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable manual inspections. AQAS automated, near-line print quality evaluation systems have been proven to reduce labor, improve turnaround time, increase accuracy, and provide consistency of print quality inspections.

Print quality assurance with more accuracy, greater frequency, and less manual labor.

AQAS is an affordable, easy-to-use solution to ensure the quality of print at printers across production sites. Ideal for multi-printer platforms, AQAS helps you provide quality, integrity, calibration for all your print operations.


Printer software automatically generates periodic test pages. Press Operator then brings the test pages to AQAS for scanning and analysis. This enables AQAS to be used for printer quality assurance across different printers and vendors.

Printer pass/fail results are displayed on the dashboard
(see image on right) and the data is integrated with Enterprise-Level Production Dashboard.

Switch from manual quality checks to AUTOMATED QC and ensure your printers are properly maintained, streamlined, and more efficient.

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  • Missing Ink (Voids)

  • Spots

  • Monochrome Density (10%, 50%, 100%)

  • Color Registration

  • Alignment

  • Skew

  • Framing

  • Bands and Streaks

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