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Pharmaceutical Printing

Protecting high security and critical information documents

Pixel Perfect™ detects and eliminates defects

photo of pharmaceutical drugs with informational insert

In the pharmaceutical printing industry, medical / prescription information is critical to get right – every time!


Additionally, government auditing requirements are driving database and proof-of-print needs.


For one of Videk's clients, their customers demanded that they put in place an automated vision inspection required in order to be able to bid/win a lucrative job.  Manual QC processes were too slow and simply inadequate, especially on the narrow web.  Digital eyes catch the mistakes that are too small for human eyes to notice.

Videk's automated, bit-level solution, Pixel Perfect™, was implemented to read every pixel of every printed page.  A missed decimal point could have legal and dangerous consequences.


  • 100% Assurance: Only with an automated inspection can you say without a doubt that there is no bad product out there

  • Achieved Regulatory Compliance: Job-level reports offer proof-of-print

  • Leadership position in the industry, driving additional business, recapture lost business

  • Reduced cost of manual inspection

  • Reduced waste

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