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Print Service Providers

From high-volume transactional printing to personalized booklet production, Videk's automated print quality inspection & data integrity analysis are powerful, game-changing tools.

You’re accountable for providing customers with the highest quality, most accurate and most cost-effective document communications services possible. And they’re depending on you to deliver value-enhancing vehicles for transactional, transpromo and one-to-one marketing communications. All without missing a beat on meeting service level agreements (SLAs). Meanwhile, you’re seeking to create efficiency wherever possible – across print and mail environments - to ensure that your competitive edge grows while costs shrink.

Every day, Videk helps major print service providers tackle barriers to customer service excellence by overcoming quality, productivity, and efficiency hurdles in applications ranging from high-volume transactional printing to personalized booklet production.


The result is that document services teams are empowered to:

  • Reduce manual labor while increasing overall integrity assurance

  • Eliminate sources of costly waste in time and resources

  • Ensure document processability & negotiability throughout  mailing, finishing and transactional environments

  • Assure the data security of every document produced & eliminate the potential for privacy incidents

  • Meet customers’ uncompromising standards of document quality – including full color quality assurance

 Top Applications:

  • Print Quality Inspection - detecting common corruptions including streaks, voids and registration errors

  • Color Quality Monitoring - inspecting each page to ensure critical color quality and brand standards are met

  • MICR and Barcode Verification - verification of optical readability to ensure seamless, accurate processing

  • Front-to-Back Matching - assurance of sensitive data security

  • Custom Booklet Assembly Integrity - monitoring page-level production of individualized booklets

  • Forms Verification - automated per-page assurance of correct form usage for the job

  • Production Reporting - detailed analytics for proof of work, job accounting and regulatory compliance

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