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Pixel Perfect™

Intelligent pixel-to-pixel print inspection

When Perfection is the Only Acceptable Outcome

Inline, high-end imaging inspects every pixel of every document—at the rated speed of your press. Integrated software captures each inspection result automatically, ensuring your documents are defect free. It's an ideal quality control solution designed to boost efficiency while reducing costs and eliminating risk for your operation. That sounds… perfect! 

Detect defects at
full press speeds!​

At 100 m/min: 

4 px (0.013 in / 0.34 mm) 


At 127 m/min:
4 px (0.016 in / 0.41 mm)

Pixel Perfect™ redefines automated print inspection to provide PIXEL LEVEL inspections at full press speeds.

Pixel Perfect™ provides the highest level of print quality inspection available today. Pixel Perfect is an inline print verification solution used to inspect inkjet output on all media at maximum rated speed. Pixel Perfect automates typical quality control processes that would otherwise be done manually.


Videk developed and brought its Pixel Perfect solution to market to meet the industry-based demand for automated bit-level inspection of highly critical applications, such as election ballots, pharmaceutical instruction booklets, and content-sensitive product manuals in order to reduce the reliance on ineffective and time-consuming human error detection.


High-resolution Contact Image Sensors (CIS) are mounted into each print engine to image and evaluate every page. Defects such as small as 0.013 in (0.34 mm) can be detected at full press speeds. The operator's live web viewing monitor is mounted onto either print engine for easy accessibility while supporting top-line speeds. DocuVision® Pro software platform provides state-of-the-art processing technology, and Videk’s legendary quality control tools, such as Variable Data Validation, and Data Archive & Reporting. 


Pixel Perfect delivers continual, real-time image quality assurance on every page to ensure that every image meets your customers’ uncompromising standards.

Videk’s intelligent print inspection finds and alerts press operators if there are differences between the print file and the original intended file.


REAL-TIME print integrity with 100% inspection of EVERY page. Completely automated – remove operator errors AND need to rely on manual inspections


Quick Facts

  • Pixel Perfect is Videk’s inline, bit-level, 100% Print Inspection product

  • Proven, trusted and available for purchase

  • Ensures print integrity -  100% inspection of every page

  • For critical document printing, it is the only solution
    (Election Ballots, Pharmaceutical Printing, Product Manuals, Health/HIPAA)

  • Provides SECURE printing

  • COMPLETELY AUTOMATED – remove operator errors AND need to rely on manual inspections


  • Jet Health - Catch void or misdirected jets

  • Color - Detect loss of print head midstream

  • Spot Detection - Sometimes ink can build up and drip onto critical regions

  • Streak or Mark Detection - Sometimes scuffing, tracking, or head strikes can cause streaks or marks to form on the paper

  • Detect Flaws in paper - Validate that marks, wavy paper is identified

  • Every page can be unique

  • Incorporates all the data analysis and tools from DocuVision

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Pixel Perfect Benefits


Guarantee full-speed production
With Pixel Perfect, there is no need to stop or slow the press for quality checks: 

  • See every printed page in real-time without impacting production

  • Examine live images! Pan, zoom, and scroll both sides of the printed page 

Issues can be rectified immediately

Varied alert methods help capture and resolve issues fast:

  • Alarm light/GUI pause

  • Post-process divert of errant pages so production can continue


Tracks errors via a reporting database

  • Archive camera and reference images for later review

  • Review thumbnail image of each defect

  • Inspection error recording In database

  • Defect report lists every inspection on system with classification (size, type, and location) of each defect shown

Learn more about 
how Pixel Perfect can help you completely eliminate any risk of quality issues for your high value documents. 

Various configurations of Pixel Perfect are available to fit your press.

  • Embedded directly in the press

  • Web Transport


What Clients Say: Government Agency

“On behalf of our agency, I would like to personally thank you (and your team) for the continuous efforts and support, which allow our agency to properly service the American public.  You have an extremely intelligent and gifted group of individuals at Videk.” 
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