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The Ultimate Operator Tool

Elevate your high-speed color inkjet productivity. 
Achieve maximum quality at rated speed with Videk Digital Eyes. This inline solution allows operators to assess quality during printing, ensuring you deliver premium inkjet output on all media – every time! It's easy to use and affordable to install.


Guarantee full-speed production.
With Live Web View, there is no need to stop or slow the press for quality checks: 

  • See every printed page in real-time without impacting production

  • Examine live images! Pan, zoom, and scroll both sides of the printed page 

Access accurate records of printed work in real-time. 
Visual history captures images minute-by-minute during a run:

  • Provides operator access to previously printed work

  • Supports emerging compliance and audit standards, so customers have a competitive advantage


Automate print quality inspection.
High-resolution cameras identify quality events:

  • Finds single jet out conditions

  • Alerts operator with status light

Embedded cameras on a colorstream
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“As a commercial printer, we were looking to quickly transfer to digital. Integrated quality control was a must. Videk’s vision system helps us achieve both higher quality and productivity. Keeping our new press up and running is one of our highest priorities and it has truly allowed us to maximize our printer investment.”


System Description

  • Duplex, full-color operation

  • High-resolution Contact Image Sensors (CIS) installed in each print engine

  • Single monitor enables view of both engines at the same time

  • Power requirements: 120VAC, 10A or 220VAC, 5A

  • Paper and image width: 20.5 inches

Vision Caddie (shown right, depending on printer configuration)

  • contains hardware and electronics attached via 7m standard camera cables

  • 3 optional locations at printer

  • 16 x 26 x 16 inch footprint

  • Monitor with user interface mounted on 72 inch pole

Easy, Intuitive Operator Interface for Web Viewing

  • Touch screen user interface with pinch-to-zoom

  • Integrated Quick-Touch Help System

  • Visual warning messaging to empower operators

  • Image viewing: Pan, Zoom and Scroll both sides of web from one monitor

Digital Proofs
Every 1/50th image of the print run is stored; with upgrade to Jet Monitoring, every 1/500th image of the print run is stored

  • Last Videk Prime Page is stored at 300 x 247 dpi, if used

  • Images will be saved locally to a folder in the Digital Eyes Controller 

  • Images are retained for 24 hours; system will automatically delete images older than 24 hours


  • Detects up to a single missing jet, media dependent

  • Method: Videk Prime Page or Jet-Out Bars

  • Error Alerts:

    • Operator message to the screen detailing inspection error(s)

    • Tri-color pole light status indicator: Amber light illuminated when error detected

Videk Vision Caddie

Videk Vision Caddie, depending on printer system confirguration

Learn more about 
how Digital Eyes can help you reduce waste, improved productivity!

See Digital Eyes in action!
Contact us today to set-up a demo to see how Digital Eyes will fit in your production line.

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