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Videk offers powerful, integrated, real-time inspection and processing for print and mail for the U.S. Government across Federal, State and Local municipalities. 

Image by Samuel Schroth

Accuracy, traceability, and accountability are key drivers in governmental document communications applications. Videk has decades of experience working with US Federal and State agencies, including the US Treasury and the United States Postal Service, for a wide range of printing, mailing, and specialty barcode scanning applications. 

Our government customers rely on Videk for the highest quality, most accurate, and most cost-effective document communications: to reduce manual labor while increasing overall integrity assurance; eliminate sources of costly waste in time and resources; ensure document processability & negotiability throughout mailing, finishing, and transactional environments; assure the data security of every document produced & eliminate the potential for privacy incidents; and ultimately, ensure uncompromising standards of document quality – including full-color quality assurance.

Videk provides high-level approaches and methodology to ensure program success.  As Systems Integrator for Government contracts, Videk:

  • Evaluates and analyzes high-profile projects.

  • Manages projects to ensure timely production of quality products as per requirements.

  • Oversees the project’s performance to identify areas requiring adjustments

  • Supports Government customers onsite and remotely

  • Interfaces with Government executives and contract’s senior management team.

  • Extends technical support to accommodate leadership off-site, via surveys and conferences.

  • Coordinates and ensures information flows between programs and organizational managers.

“On behalf of our agency, I would like to personally thank you (and your team) for the continuous efforts and support, which allow our agency to properly service the American public.  You have an extremely intelligent and gifted group of individuals at Videk.”

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